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We aim to provide you with the highest quality decoration available.

You can provide us with any type of file or image and we will be able to make it work, however, to achieve the best result possible heres a quick guide into the best types of artwork you can provide us. If you’re still unsure after reading this, please reach out to us and we will guide you through!

All the final artwork must be in vector format, not bitmap (.jpg or .png) unless specified. We highly recommend that you submit your artwork in Pdf file (.pdf), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) file made up of entirely vector art. If you're unsure of what this means, send us what you have and we will be able to provide assistance around this.


File types are only applicable to our business customers, as we need appropriate file types to set up our printing. Our retail customers are able to provide us with photos, and other types of images - however, we do recommend that they're high quality.

Any text that appears in your logo should either be embedded in the file or made into outlines. Embedding or creating outlines is important because we cannot be responsible for substituted or lost fonts.


We are unable to use any fonts which are not on our system, so generally, fonts which have been purchased by a customer will revert to our standard fonts if all text is not embedded.u

Logos with the same colour in different shades are printed as another colour and may be assessed extra fees (i.e., a logo with dark blue and light blue is considered a two-colour logo).


When considering multiple colours, there may be a set-up fee per for certain decoration types.

We understand that not everyone has a high quality vector of their logo or design they are wanting printed. That’s okay, we can help with a fast logo redraw. It’s a simple process for us to do this, which is why we only charge $77 inc GST, and you’ll get to keep the files. Please see the full terms and conditions, as sometimes a logo can be too complex for a re-draw at this discounted rate, and will need to be custom quoted.

BEFORE – Low quality image in jpeg format

AFTER – high quality image in vector format

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